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King Lear

costume design 

Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s moving contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy – King Lear is a tender, violent, and intimate exploration of old age portrayed in all its vulnerability, pride, folly and wisdom.

King Lear sees two ageing fathers – one King, one courtier – misjudge the loyalty of their children, catapulting them both into a violent power struggle that forces them to realise their false values and confront their own humanity.

Forget what you think you know about Melbourne Shakespeare Company this hard hitting, contemporary adaptation is the first in our new MSC Studio collection. These works are not family friendly and seek to explore some of the darker pieces from Shakespeare's repertoire. Under the direction of Ayesha Gibson, King Lear is a raw and relevant exploration of one of the greatest tragedies of all time. 

"Aislinn Naughton’s costumes create some very sharp silhouettes for all the actors. Especially for Lear and Gloucester which does not conceal that they’re played by female actors but ensures that they’re well-tailored to their figures. She has paid excellent attention to detail in the corporate chic apparel worn by the cast. Reagan’s vulgar leather skirt, lace shirt and fur coat is a very fun ensemble that suits the character perfectly. " - Darby Turnbull, Theatrepeople

"Costume designer Aislinn Naughton uses splashes of regal crimson, purple and dark green in the otherwise greyscale corporate palette. In a very clever touch, when the Earl of Kent and Edgar each adopt disguises, they take the form of labourers, with the implication that such working-class folk are invisible to the moneyed elite." - Simon Parris, Man in Chair

Directed by Ayesha Gibson

Sound Design by Ben Keene

Lighting Design by Alex Blackwell

Choreography by John Reed

Set design by Hayley James

Costume design by Aislinn Naughton

Photography by Chelsea Neate

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