Forgotten Places

costume design 

An experience to ignite the depths of your imagination… enter a dazzling, exciting vision of the universe, where mesmerising songs, beautiful dances and stunning visual art come to life in an unforgettable immersive experience. Inspired by Kingston’s unique history of UFO sightings, Forgotten Places was an awe-inspiring tale of evolution, space-travel and aliens that delighted audiences of all ages!

The immersive experience could be thought of as a ‘living gallery’ and offered audiences the chance to see, hear and feel different types of contemporary art. It included beautiful abstract paintings of the local area, elegant design and professional performers and treated audiences to an array of incredible live music, inspiring poetry and quirky dances. Unlike anything Kingston had seen before, ‘Forgotten Places’ gave audiences of all ages a transformative experience to change the way they interact with the world around them.

Director/Dramaturge Jayde Kirchert
Visual Designer Stu Brown
Costume Designer Aislinn Naughton
Stage & Production Manager Teri Steer
Lighting Designer Rachel Lee
Associate Producer Steph Clare-Cover