Forgotten Places

costume design and make

"An experience awaits to ignite the depths of your imagination. Here, places once forgotten are transformed into visions of the future, where voices sing enchanting songs, architecture comes to life and colour rules supreme. Let your curiosity guide you through a labyrinth of art, design and theatrical wonder and discover delight in what could be.

The Citizen Theatre team will create the Forgotten Places immersive experience by incorporating a selection of photographic submissions from Stonnington locals. These will be transformed into an interactive future city where paintings, sculpture, singing, storytelling, music and colour will give audiences of all ages an inspiring experience to change the way they view and interact with their local area."

"Aislinn Naughton also tends to favour colour blocking and strong geometrics in her design work and her costumes are the perfect compliment to Brown's world." Daniel Asseta, What Did She Think

Director/Dramaturge/Producer Jayde Kirchert
Visual Designer/Artist/Photography Walk Facilitator Stu Brown
Composer Imogen Cygler
Associate Producer Steph Clare-Cover

Performed by Jordan Barr, Kayla Hamill, Tomas Parrish, Willow Sizer, Margot Tanjutco

Photographer: Russell Mason