When The Light Leaves

costume design 

Death is wild and unpredictable, when it comes to the end of my life, my trust is with myself.

Dan’s dreaming of dead ducks and cartoon skeletons. He’s also dying. Liam’s doing his best to be supportive, his sister has good intentions and the nurse is trying to provide the comfort prescribed in the rule book. But none of them can give him what he needs. With access to assisted dying imminent, everyone has an opinion in how you live and die. It’s time for Dan to choose how he goes.

"Aislinn Naughton's costumes provide insight to the lives of the characters (...) It’s also the small detail that adds authenticity to the characters" - (Myron My) My Melbourne Arts

Directed by Jayde Kirchert

Cast: Tomas Parrish, Leigh Scully, Veronica Thomas and Michelle Robertson

Written by Rory Godbold

Set design by Stu Brown

Lighting Design by Gina Gascoigne

Costumes by Aislinn Naughton

Composer/Sound design by Imogen Cygler

Associate Producer Steph Clare-Cover and Alex Suttie

All photography and video by Stu Brown