As You Like It

costume design and make

 Melbourne Shakespeare Company create high energy, family friendly productions and perform them in exciting locations throughout Melbourne. This production was performed in Malvern Central Park. As You Like It transported its audience from the black and white stiff courts of Duke Frederick to the wildly colourful, gypsy inspired world of the forest. These designs worked seamlessly with the innovative and transformative set and props design and with the many challenges of working outside, high energy choreography and multiple character changes.  

"The costume design (by Aislinn Naughton) stands out as exceptional.  The monochromatic darks and shades of “court” give way to playful colours and prints in the forest. It was clear that considerable effort have been made to bring the audience along for the ride – not in the least for the courtesy of having each character name embroidered onto their costume – and matching colours/fabrics for the loving couples, destined to be united." - Sue-Anne Hess, Theatrepeople

"(...) costume design give both locations a magical realism which blends in perfectly with the park greenery. The court (...) and the Forest of Melbourne each have a distinct and cohesive look that defines these contrasting environments." - Patricia Di Risio, Stage Whispers

Directed by Jennifer Sarah Dean

Music Direction by Ben Colley

Choreography by John Reed

Set design by Hayley James

Costume design by Aislinn Naughton

Photography by Jack Dixon Gunn