costume, set and props design 

Extinction delves deep into the heart of our own morals, choices and tightly-held convictions. Extinction wraps an important conservation message around a unique and personal human story. A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. Both are hell-bent on saving the species, but intentions are murky. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? Nothing is black and white in this intriguing story about love, sex, money and power.

"The production design of repurposed crates and shipping pallets and tonal costumes emphasised this rendition’s stance on individual action being powerful." - Rachel Holkner, Theatrepress

Director / Producer: Sarah Tierney

Dramaturg: Stephen Drape

Set/Prop/Costume Designers: Aislinn Naughton and Jacinda Hill

Sound Design: Sheridan Killingback

Stage Manager: Jordynn Hogg