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costume, set and props design


"It's a bit cold out. Yeah. Are we still off to the zoo? I bloody hope so, Candy will have our heads if we don't turn up.You're out of your head if you think we can get there on time. We'll make it, it's just down the block. I still find zoos repulsive. I still find you repulsive. Hey, hey you're just as repulsive as each other. I mean, they're cooped up, unable to move, to have any semblance of freedom. I'll stick your freedom up your God damn semblance if you don't pipe down. Gee whiz, Harrison, what is your problem? I just really like zoos."

A comical exploration of the way in which one script can be interpreted in different genres.

Created by Saxon Gray, Grady Lynch, Louis Reed, Robert Downie, Stuart Cullen, Victoria Hofflin, Finnian Langham, Juice Webster

Produced by VCA Music Theatre, May 2017

Lighting designer: Tom Lloyd 

Sound designer: Edwin Cheah

Photographer: Tom Overend

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